1. Accessories, Apparel & Travel

    Man on the town!

    Everything but the can pick your own undies. We have so much gear and technical clothing that we don't usually show off the more casual side of our inventory. I pulled together a few shop favorites -- any one of which would be a great choice by itself -- into a "Man on the Town" ensemble. The main...
  2. Accessories & Travel

    Jet-set bug-out-bag

    Frequent travelers all have one thing in common: a favorite go-to travel packĀ for unexpected trips. Osprey has made a name for themselves with their backpacking packs (see our recent post on the Atmos AG packs), but more and more their expertise is going into luggage and clever carry on packs. Enter the Porter 30.     The Porter series has...
  3. Travel

    Osprey Cyber Port

    We have some neat commuter and student type packs from Osprey. I was pleasantly surprised today when I checked out the new "Cyber Port". There's a whole slew of features aimed at the tech crowd while still keeping in mind all the lessons learned building packs for 40 years. The result is a nicely streamlined pack with serious visual appeal...

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