Xenon HMS TriLock



The Wild Country Xenon HMS TriLock auto-locking carabiner is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. It has a pear-shaped design with an I-beam profile to offer an improved strength-to-weight ratio.

Designed to offer a large gate opening with high open-gate strength and a generous rope-bearing radius, the Xenon is ideal for rigging stances and can comfortably accommodate two clove hitches. The clean nose design helps prevent knots or gear from snagging.

The Xenon HMS TriLock is a durable, reliable partner with easy handling for all styles of climbing.


Wild Country
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Blue / Yellow
One Size
75 g / 2.64 oz
Closed Gate Strength:
24 kN
Open Gate Strength:
7 kN
Minor Axis Strength:
7 kN
Gate Opening:
21 mm / 0.74 in.
Other Features:
  • Compact pear shape optimized for great handling
  • Spacious capacity to manage two clove hitches, ideal for belay stations
  • Smooth rope running thanks to generous inner surface areas
  • Snag-free, clean nose design for easy removal
  • Tapers towards nose for easy removal of stuck knots
  • Weight & strength optimized, I-beam back
  • Triple-lock closure
  • Large gate opening
  • High strength rating
  • Closure indicator

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