X-Pot / Kettle - 1.3L

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Innovative 1.3L collapsible kettle

Using the same award-winning innovative, space-saving, collapsible and functional features as in the X-Pot, the X-Pot / Kettle is made from a hard-anodized aluminum base with collapsible silicone sidewalls, and glass-reinforced Nylon 66 handles. The X-Kettle is the ideal size to boil enough water for two freeze-dried meals. Two X-Mugs will fit neatly inside and the X-Brew Coffee Dripper also nests into the X-Kettle so your morning hydration kit can be nicely stowed into a small disc only 1 3/8" high (X-Mugs and X-Brew sold separately).


• Sides of kettle should not be exposed to direct flame
• BPA free, food-grade, heat resistant silicone
• Hard anodized 6063-T6 aluminum base
• Durable translucent lid
• Two glass-reinforced Nylon 66 handles
• A hard-anodized finish would be damaged by the cleanser used in dishwashers – the X-Pot / Kettle is therefore not dishwasher safe

Stove Use:
-- X-Pots are designed to be used on backpacking stoves or camping stoves. The burner (and the flame produced by it) should be smaller than the base of the X-Pot.
-- X-Pot alloy base is not magnetic, so induction stoves won’t work.
-- Can be used on domestic stoves if the flame setting should be kept low and the pot does not boil dry.

BPA free, food grade, heat resistant silicone and hard anodized 6063-T6 aluminum base

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