TravellingLight Travel Adapter (Fall 2022)

$6.26 - $9.95


Plug adaptors for international use

TravellingLight Travel Adapters convert two-pin plugs on your electrical devices to fit sockets in various countries (and commecial aircraft / cruise ships). A tactile silicone rubber sleeve makes it easy to see and simple to unplug from a socket.

Sold in 2-packs except UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, which is sold in a 1-pack.

IMPORTANT: These plug adapters do not convert voltage. Please check the labels or manuals for your devices to ensure compatibility.


Brand Name:
Sea to Summit
Other Features:
• Australia/China adapter: For use with two-pin plugs in Australia and China
-- Mainland Europe adapter: For use with two-pin plugs in continental Europe and some Asian countries
-- USA adapter: For use with two-pin plugs in the USA, Canada and Japan
-- UK adapter: For use with two-pin plugs in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore

IMPORTANT: These adapters do not convert voltage, they only change the shape of the plug. Please consult the owner's manual of your device to ensure international voltage compatibility. Backcountry Gear is not responsible for any damage that may occur from incorrect use of this device.

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