Traveler 35L


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Durable, easy access soft cooler keeps ice up to 48 hours

Introducing the IceMule Traveler, a soft cooler like nothing you’ve ever seen before. IceMule built it to be the most accessible, easy-to-carry soft-sided cooler around. Featuring their exclusive Bowhead Top™, which opens wide and stays that way – so you can get what you want when you want, hassle-free. Plus you can rest easy with its 100% waterproof PakShield™ top zipper. And the 35-liter capacity means you'll be able to load it up with plenty of goodies. This cooler even doubles as incredibly durable luggage for your adventure travels.

The Traveler is equipped with a completely unique suspension system not found on any other similarly-sized cooler. The removable, butterfly backpack strap will ensure that this is the easiest to carry high-capacity soft cooler around, so you can carry everything like it’s nothin’ in complete comfort.


Capacity: 35L / 36 cans + ice

• PolarPlus™ Insulation for 48+ hours ice retention
• 100% waterproof and it floats
• Removable butterfly double shoulder strap
• Bowhead Top™ for easy loading
• 100% welded seams
• PakShield™ waterproof top zipper
• IM AirValve™ for increased insulation
• Weatherproof pockets for extra dry storage
• Supreme toughness and durability

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