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Technical mountaineering versatility; 52 cm

The Petzl SUM'TEC ice axe represents versatility: it adapts easily to any mountaineering activity, from classic to technical. It is completely modular, allowing it to be optimized for the objective. The TRIGREST handrest, adjustable without tools, and the compatibility of the ice axe with most Petzl accessories (PUR'ICE and DRY picks, MASSELOTTES, etc - sold separately) ensure the efficiency required for difficult sections.


Brand Name:
52 cm
470 g
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
• Technical:
- ICE pick is tapered at the tip for easy penetration in any ice
- the TRIGREST handrest allows the position of the hand or the index finger to be adjusted into climbing mode quickly and without tools
- shaft has steel spike for solid support in piolet-canne mode
• Versatile:
- curved shaft for efficient anchoring, while protecting the hand
- shaft is straight enough for efficient planting into snow and walking comfortably
• Completely modular ice axe:
- interchangeable picks adapt to different objectives
- adze and hammer are interchangeable (adze head sold separately)
- adding weights (optional) improves anchoring qualities
- compatible with Petzl accessories for QUARK, NOMIC and ERGO ice axes
• Pick type: 2
• Shaft type: 2
• Ice axe sold with ICE pick, MARTEAU hammer, TRIGREST handrest
• Certification(s): CE, UIAA

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