Starling Protect Pro Dry 8.2mm

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Half/twin rope with far greater cut resistance than standard ropes

Ropes are often exposed to sharp edges—especially when used in alpine terrain. As a result, Edelrid's well-established STARLING half rope now uses their proprietary Protect technology to offer far greater cut resistance. When manufacturing Protect ropes, the sheath is strengthened using a special processing method involving aramid fibers without impairing the rope's dynamic properties.


Rope Style:
• Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
• Long-lasting water-repellent and dirt-resistant, thanks to the Pro Dry finish
• Water absorption less than 2% as per UIAA Water Repellent Test
• 3D lap coiling enables instant use without tangles
• Higher sheath content and aramid processing for increased cut resistance under load, e.g. over sharp edges

Core proportion [%]: 58.00
Sheath proportion [%]: 42.00

CE marking: CE 0123
Sharp edge approved: Yes

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