Spire Tech Ice Axe (Fall 2023)

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The DMM Spire Tech is a modern, versatile, and lightweight snow & ice tool. The bent shaft and machined grips make it suitable for more technical or sustained terrain when walking, mountaineering or ski touring. The refined design and careful material choices result in a 45cm axe that weighs in at only 323g.


• High strength steel alloy pick, adze, and spike for excellent purchase and durability.
• Machined chamfers on both the pick and adze, for efficient penetration of ice and neve.
• Ergonomic pick and bung, for a comfortable grip.
• Strong and light anodized aluminum shaft, for reliable support.
• Gently curved shaft for excellent swing and penetration as well as clearance for daggering up steep neve.
• A durable spike and bung for ease of penetration in hard and soft snow.
• Large tethering points in the pick and spike, for ease of clipping and security.
• Machined grooves for additional grip, when moving through technical ground.

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