Sender Screwgate



Superlight and compact locking carabiner; perfect for alpine climbing

When every gram counts, the Mammut Sender Screwgate carabiner is the right choice for climbers who demand performance. This extra-lightweight and compact carabiner features a ‘D’ shape for easy handling. The keylock nose prevents any snagging when clipping and unclipping. The orange marking is an additional safety feature, acting as a warning if the carabiner is not screwed closed. In icy or dirty environments, a screw-locking carabiner is better choice in comparison to a twist-lock version.

Part of the Mammut Eiger Extreme collection: relentlessly tested and continuously optimized for the highest possible performance.


• Extremely compact and light
• D-shape for easy handling
• Orange marking provides a warning if the carabiner is not screwed closed
• Keylock nose for easy clipping and unclipping without snagging
• Easy to operate screw lock, even in dirty and icy environments

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