Sawtooth 27 Snowshoes - Unisex

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The Sawtooth 27 is an all-terrain snowshoe for men and women up to 195lbs. It features Crescent Moon's all-foot encompassing binding system which uses an anatomical design for both L/R. Fits a range of sizes, very comfortable with adjustments that allow you to customize for your footwear.

Features aggressive stainless steel crampons including Crescent Moon's unique climbing toe claw along with a main claw immediately below the ball of your foot and at the heel. You can have great confidence in the traction they provide - there will be no slipping or sliding allowed with these all-terrain trail snowshoes, even on hard and icy inclines. These unisex snowshoes are recommended on steep, rolling or flat terrain.

Each set of aluminum Crescent Moon snowshoes comes with a pair of heel lifts.


Crescent Moon
One Size
Heel Lift:
9 x 27 in., teardrop-shaped frame for better maneuverability
4.4 lbs / pair, recommended for users up to 195 lbs
Other Features:
  • Athletic design makes it highly maneuverable
  • Lightweight but long-lasting durable components
  • Easy on/off bindings with ratchet buckles and quick release adjustments
  • Stainless steel traction from toe to heel
  • Binding features spring cam buckle, quick pull loop, and ratchet heel strap
  • 3 stainless steel crampon with climbing "toe" claw design
  • Fits shoe sizes W6 to M10.5, depending on footwear type

Heel Lifts
What is a heel lift? It's an optional feature for your snowshoes, which adds 2 inches of platform under your heel and makes climbing more efficient, comfortable (by reducing the strain on your calf muscles), and improves traction.
If you're located in the mountains, and you're snowshoeing up long, sustained climbs, a heel lift might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If you're spending most of your time on flatter or rolling terrain, you probably don't need the heel lift.

Crescent Moon Bindings
Bindings are important and should be robust enough so you'll feel support in every direction of movement whether it's uphill, downhill, traversing terrain, walking, or even running. By comparison to other binding systems, they are incredibly easy and fast to get into and out of. They hold your foot like a podiatrist in love, and instead of nylon webbing, Crescent Moon uses hypalon strapping, a nearly unbreakable waterproof material that works in a huge range of temperatures.
The advantage is that the bindings won't come loose, won't freeze, and won't come off your foot in the middle of a steep, snowy climb. For durability, performance, comfort and reliability, the Sawtooth 27 snowshoe is a great choice for any enthusiast. Confidence in your equipment makes you comfortable in every situation. And with gear this good, your boundaries are limitless.

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