Rock Prodigy Elite Package


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Detailed, efficient training for real results

The Trango Rock Prodigy Elite Package is perfect for those serious about training and who want to be efficient with their time. Great for those starting the RP system from scratch, it features the Rock Prodigy Training Center, Rock Climber's Training Manual, and the Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit, giving you the complete package and setting you up for success.
The Rock Prodigy system is designed for extremely precise and repeatable exercises. The two independent hangboard pieces allow you to fine-tune the position to match your body, and their computer engineered design yields perfectly symmetrical holds. The two pulleys allow you to progress through increasingly difficult exercises while minimizing the potential for injury. The Anderson brothers, who developed this system, went from average climbers to 5.14 crushers using finely tuned training regimens. This hangboard's design is based on years of experimentation and refinement, and is the perfect tool to help climbers of all abilities progress to the next level.
For this updated Rock Prodigy Training Center, Trango used a totally new development method, pioneered with the Rock Prodigy Forge. The result is a more gentle and consistent texture throughout and even more precise control of production tolerances. You'll find more support under the small crimp grip and a bumper on the pinch so it's easier to place your fingers quickly on each set. All hold dimensions and angles are identical to the original Rock Prodigy Training Center, making it a great option for users of any ability.
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• Two individual hangboard pieces for fine-tuning holds and position
• Rock Climber's Training Manual
• Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit

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