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The DMM Rhino HMS carabiner tackles cross-loading head-on! The "horn" feature on the leading edge of the spine significantly reduces the possibility of cross-loading with rigging, devices and pulleys by restricting the rotation of devices, while the clean nose design provides snag-free gate entry. The smooth and robust top bar is contrasted by DMM's signature I-Beam construction on the non-rope-bearing surfaces.

Available with 3 different locking mechanisms:

Screwlock: manual locking gate requiring screwing/unscrewing of the barrel to lock/unlock.

Kwiklock gate: an auto-locking gate requiring two distinct actions to open (twist, open).

Locksafe gate: an auto-locking gate requiring three distinct actions to open (twist, push up, open).


Brand Name:
Gate Type:
Solid Gate - Straight
Carabiner Shape:
73 g (Screwgate) / 81 g
Closed Gate:
27 kN
Minor Axis:
9 kN
Open Gate:
7 kN
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
A542 / A543 / A547
Other Features:
20mm gate opening for the Screwgate, and 19mm gate opening for the Kwiklock and Locksafe
Durable belay carabiner
Prevents cross-loading with certain assisted locking belay devices
Full cross-section top bar for greater wear resistance and smooth belaying
High strength, compact size, low weight
Available with Screwgate, Kwiklock, or Locksafe locking systems

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