Revolver Kwiklock



The DMM Revolver's integrated pulley wheel allows ropes to run more efficiently through the carabiner. Used at changes of direction on a route, it helps reduce rope drag.

The Revolver is also highly useful for creating lightweight hauling systems. If you need to haul kit, a partner, or perform crevasse rescue, the pulley wheel increases the efficiency and converting more of your energy into movement.

An auto-locking gate gives the Revolver Kwiklock extra security.


69 g
60 x 109 mm
Gate Opening:
15 mm
Major Axis Strength:
24 kN
Minor Axis Strength:
8 kN
Open Gate Strength:
8 kN
EN362:2004 B, EN12275:2013 B
Other Features:
Integrated pulley wheel for reducing friction
The Revolver's pulley wheel reduces friction and increases efficiency of ropes running over it, thus reducing rope drag on complex pitches. The Revolver can also be used to create mechanical advantage in a lightweight personal hauling system, making it indispensable as part of a climber's personal rescue kit. The pulley wheel is functional with loads up to 11kN.

Keylock nose eliminates snagging
This carabiner's nose slots into a groove in the gate, allowing it to achieve full strength without a gate notch. This creates a clean internal profile that won't catch on gear, bolts or slings, giving easier clipping and removal from systems.

I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio
I-Beam construction reduces carabiner weight without compromising strength. It is achieved through hot forging, which allows metal to be formed in complex shapes that improve functionality.

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