Python 10.0 mm

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Entry-level rope

If you're looking for your first rope (or second, or fifth...), you can't go wrong choosing Edelrid's legendary handling and quality. The Python 10.0 is a classic workhorse rope, great for toproping, gym climbing, or sport cragging. Edelrid's proprietary Thermo Shield treatment gives the Python superb handling and consistency that lasts the lifetime of the rope.

bluesign® Certified: This designation ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, and also provides confidence that you are acquiring a sustainable product produced without harmful substances.


Brand Name:
Rope Style:
Exact Diameter:
10.0 mm
Impact Force (kN):
Static Elongation:
Rope Type:
Rope Treatment:
64 g / m
60 meters: 3840 g (8.47 lbs)
70 meters: 4480 g (9.88 lbs)
Middle Mark:
Grams / Meter:
Dynamic Elongation:
Made In:
Other Features:
Sheath Proportion (%) : 38
Sheath Slippage (mm) : 0
Number of Falls: 8

• Classic, high-quality entry-level rope
• Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling

Sports Line
The ropes in Edelrid's Sports Line are designed to cover a wide range of uses. However, as the name suggests, they are primarily intended for modern sport climbing. Whether at the crag or at the gym, Edelrid's Sports Line ropes are workhorses with a robust construction and wider diameter to provide extra safety reserves when working routes or toproping.
- Thermo Shield Finish for perfect handling: the standard treatment applied to all Edelrid's ropes, which gives them their famous Edelrid handling characteristics and feel. This thermal-stabilizing process ensures that the core and sheath yarns are perfectly balanced and will not stretch differentially over time. A special heat treatment cure first relaxes then shrinks the rope's fibers. This harmonizes the yarns inside the rope and ensures that it remains compact and supple throughout its life.

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