Pure Slider (Fall 2022)



Lightweight auto-locker with streamlined mechanism

Calling Edelrid's Pure Slider a simple locking carabiner doesn't fully explain the awesome benefits of this auto-locking 'biner. This innovative design is great for building anchors or on a piece that HAS to stay clipped during a pitch. The small locking mechanism is integrated into the gate itself, making for a super-streamlined, lightweight auto-locker that is easy to open one-handed (even with small hands), and is very quick and intuitive to open. The lack of a typical twist-style sleeve means that the Pure Slider is easy to slip through chains or small old-fashioned bolt hangers during the inevitable fiddling that occurs when building anchors. One final benefit of this design is that it is much less likely to freeze up than traditional lockers due to the small mechanism size.


Brand Name:
Carabiner Shape:
Lock Type:
Slide Lock
42 g
Closed Gate:
23 kN
Minor Axis:
8 kN
100 mm x 58 mm
Open Gate:
8 kN
Other Features:
• Locking slide-gate mechanism minimizes risk of accidental gate opening
• Easy-operation slide-gate mechanism for fast clipping
• H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight
• Gate opening (mm): 18

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