PS 3/8 Ring Anchor



The Ring Anchor is Fixe's most popular top anchor unit. A pair of Ring Anchors make an excellent anchoring system for any type of route. Ring Anchors should be placed on the same horizontal plane, at least 8” apart in good rock. A single Ring Anchor may be used in conjunction with other Fixe anchors. This unit should be placed in pairs or with another top Anchor unit.

Fixe does not recommend outdoor use of this anchor. If you choose to use plated steel outdoors, use only in arid and low-corrosive environments.


WARNING for California customers: Cancer and reproductive harm. For more info please visit


Fixe Hardware
Mfg Sku/Part Number
4050 lbs / 18kN CE/UIAA Certified
Ecotri zinc plated steel
3/8" / 10mm bolt hole
Other Features:
  • Rounded inner edge for less wear on carabiners
  • Optimized surface area contact with the rock
  • Made in Barcelona, Spain
  • Geometry: When placed on a roof, the carabiner will be routed so that it never comes into contact with the projecting head of the bolt anchor.
  • Conical Washer: The rim of the bolt anchor hole protrudes slightly into a conical shape, away from the wall. The act of pulling the bolt anchor will generate a spring effect that provides constant pressure against the wall, multiplying the strength of the torque. It also provides more consistency when torque tightening the bolt.
  • Anti-rotation Pins: Textures on the hanger help to reduce the likelihood of the hanger spinning.
  • Ecotri zinc plated steel (Replacing bichromate steel): Perfect for equipping indoor sport facilities such as gyms and climbing walls. Its manufacturing process is characterized by low emission of residues and increasing its resistance to corrosion. 8 microns of zinc coating (free of chromium-6) is applied and finished with an organic seal. With three treatments a higher resistance to corrosion is achieved (96h white corrosion + 360h red corrosion) and the resistance to thermal shock (200ÂșC) is also incorporated.
  • Lighter: With a thickness of 3.5mm (previously 4mm) Fixe has reduced the weight of the hanger by 12.5% while still being one of the most robust hangers on the market.
  • Fixe does not recommend for outdoor use: If you choose to use plated steel outdoors, use only in arid and low corrosive environments.