Verglas 8.1 Half/Twin


Verglas 8.1 Half/Twin

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PMI - Verglas 8.1 Half/Twin

Featuring an 18 fall UIAA twin rating, PMI's Verglas 8.1 is designed for the lightest and most extreme alpinism. Use the Verglas in pairs on mixed routes with your choice of twin or double technique - it's UIAA certified for both.

Technical specifications & features

Weight 57.3 gm/m
Rope Length 60 Meter
Rope Diameter Group 8 - 8.9 mm
Exact Diameter 8.1 mm
Other Features Nylon sheath/nylon core
8 falls half/18 fall UIAA twin rating
5.2 kN impact force - half/8.9 kn impact force - twin
UIAA Certification
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