Easy lowering and smooth feeding; belay directly from anchor or harness

DMM's Pivot belay device is the result of many hours of meticulous tinkering and perfecting in DMM's workshops. This multi-use belay/rappel device allows for smooth feeding and easy, controlled lowering when belaying off a harness or directly off an anchor in guide mode. The innovative pivoting solution allows controlled and easily-initiated lowering in guide mode. Even with a heavy second, the belayer can lower with confidence and ease using the specially-shaped carabiner cavity. Perfect for multi-pitch trad, alpine, and winter climbs.


Brand Name:
Fits Rope Size & Type:
Suitable for 7.5 to 11 mm, optimized for 8 mm to 11 mm
72 g (2.54 oz)
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
• Multi-use lightweight belay/rappel device
- Pivoting bar ensures easy rope control with no jerking, especially when lowering in guide mode
- Use of the Rhino carabiner (sold separately) is recommended for smoothest action in guide mode

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