Peppi II Chalk Bag (Fall 2022)


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Hungry for some chalk.

We already know each other, I think. I am Peppi II, the cousin of Peppi, only wilder and even hungrier for chalk. The white powder flows in our veins. Did you pack up my chalk-snack? Then let's go climbing!

A daredevil in any situation, Peppi II snarls and shows his teeth, especially when the holds get smaller and the moves get longer. Peppi II is like his cousin: freaky, wild, and extremely hungry for chalk. Beware, he's snappish!

A handmade chalk bag with highest quality in mind. 8BPLUS tested, rugged, washed, climbed and crashed it nonstop, with positive results. This is a highly creative as well as fully functional top-quality chalk bag. Quality materials, robust craftmanship, the 12.5 cm big access, and lots of creative little details make this 8BPLUS chalk bag something special.


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Other Features:
• Soft pile lining helps with ideal chalk distribution
- Drawstring closure and soft-shell material around the opening keep your chalk dry
- Well-sized with an extra-stiff rim for effortless chalking up
- 1 clip carabiner
- Multi-size waist belt with clip closure
- Brush holder
- Supersoft fleece lining
- Cool gift packaging

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