Paso Guide 7.7

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Intensive ice & mountaineering use

Thin and very lightweight, the Petzl PASO GUIDE 7.7 mm rope is designed for intensive use in ice climbing or technical mountaineering. The Guide UIAA Dry water repellent treatment gives it excellent water resistance, and is well-suited to everyday use in extreme conditions.


Brand Name:
Rope Style:
UIAA Fall Rating:
Half: 7 / Twin: 20
Exact Diameter:
7.7 mm
Impact Force (kN):
6 kN (half), 10 kN (twin)
Static Elongation:
8.5% (half), 6% (twin)
Rope Type:
Twin & Half
Rope Treatment:
Dry Core & Sheath
50 m: 4.41 lbs (2.00 kg)
60 m: 5.29 lbs (2.40 kg)
70 m: 6.17 lbs (2.80 kg)
Middle Mark:
Grams / Meter:
Dynamic Elongation:
31% (half), 28% (twin)
Other Features:
• Thin rope designed for very technical practices:
- thin diameter and ultra-light
- for use in mixed, snow or ice environments
• Excellent water resistance:
- Guide UIAA Dry treatment: complete water-resistant treatment, making the rope more resistant to water, dirt and abrasion
- meets the requirements of the UIAA standard Water repellent test: water absorption of less than 2%
- the rope is especially suitable for intensive or everyday use in extreme conditions
• Convenient rope handling:
- Middle Mark: indicates the middle of the rope to facilitate maneuvers
- EverFlex treatment: special thermal treatment stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time
• Construction: 48 carrier
• Percentage of sheath: 46%

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