Pack & Carry Fireplace - Small

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Portable Leave-No-Trace fireplace for cooking and warmth

The Snow Peak Small Pack and Carry Fireplace offers a wide range of charcoal fire cooking and campfire uses with minimal cleanup. Snow Peak developed these fireplaces to address the damage typical campfires do to the environment. By raising the fire off the ground and containing both charcoal and wood, the Pack and Carry Fireplace limits the amount of waste left behind at a campsite and keeps fires from negatively affecting the terrain. Add one of Snow Peak's grills (sold separately) to cook directly over the fire. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation.


• Pack & Carry Fireplace includes fireplace & nylon carry bag
• Optional Accessories (each sold separately):
-- Grill Bridge: allows for cooking over your fireplace
-- Base Plate: protects the ground from scorching
-- Base Plate Stand: raises your fireplace to further prevent ground damage
-- Coal Bed: raises the level of the coals in the fireplace for cooking
-- Canvas Bag: durable bag fits fireplace and accessories

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