Original RV Sand-Free Mat

$119.99 - $169.99


Sand-free mat specifically sized for your RV awning space

Based on the mat that started the sand-free revolution, the CGear Original RV Sand-Free Mat is specifically sized to complement your RV awning space for the ultimate, mobile, debris-free patio.
Perfectly sized to complement a range of RVs, motor homes, campers, camper vans, and popups, it features durable construction and the only patented sand-free tech on the market. That means this mat is easy to clean and hard to get dirty. Though virtually windproof, the RV Mat also includes heavy-duty corner D Rings for staking down in extreme conditions.

Patented Technology – Featuring the only patented sand-free tech on the market, its high-density double-layered weave allows sand, dirt, and dust to fall through the fabric without coming back up.

Better For The Outdoors – Because wind and sunlight are able to pass through CGear’s permeable surface, the RV Mat is virtually windproof and won’t kill the grass beneath it. This is important for lawns but an absolute necessity if you’re camping in one of our nation’s beautiful parks.

Military-Grade Construction – In addition to proprietary technology, the RV Mat boasts reinforced brass eyelets, ultra-durability, quick dry time, and resistance to stains, water, mold, and UV damage.


Brand Name:
11 x 8 ft: 7.4 lbs
14 x 8 ft: 8.7 lbs
20 x 8 ft: 12.6 lbs
Other Features:
• Sand free (patented) weave tech
• Water-Resistant
• Mold-Free Material
• UV Resistant
• Military Grade Construction
• All sizes include an easy-carry tote bag for convenient storage
Available in three sizes:
-- SMALL: 11 x 8 ft
-- MEDIUM: 14 x 8 ft
-- LARGE: 20 x 8 ft

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