Offset Stoppers

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Individually hot forged and ideal for placements in pin scars and flared cracks, the Offset Stopper is a variation on Black Diamond's classic Stopper. Black Diamond has long manufactured mainstays in the world of climbing protection, and the Offset Stopper is no different. Individually hot forged, each stopper has an offset contact area that allows for easy placements in non-parallel cracks.
Sold individually, carabiner not included.


Brand Name:
Black Diamond
Force Rating:
10 kN each (2248 lbf)
#7: 1 oz (30.5 g)
#8: 1.14 oz (32.6 g)
#9: 1.42 oz (40.2 g)
#10: 1.57 oz (44.6 g)
#11: 1.96 oz (55.5 g)
Other Features:
• Durable aluminum heads with steel cables
• Color-coded for quick and easy placement
• Also available as a set

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