Obex BC SPIN Helmet (Spring 2022)

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The ski helmet that can speak for you when you can’t. The backcountry-specific Obex Backcountry SPIN is designed for enhanced traceability and durability.

Featuring an NFC Medical ID chip, rescuers can get the information they need at the scene of an injury in an instant, thereby assisting them in making the best judgements for treatment in the vital “Golden Hour”, the time immediately after an accident.

The inclusion of The twICEme® NFC Medical ID comes as part of POC’s whole-helmet approach to design, comfort, fit and performance, includes SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), silicone pad technology. Other features of this whole-helmet approach include the use of RECCO rescue reflectors to aid rescuers in their search for lost skiers.

The helmet is compatible with the Obex Communication headset (not included) and is designed for seamless compatibility with POC goggles. Ventilation is fully adjustable and ear pads are removable, giving the user control over the fit and feel of the helmet. A thicker polycarbonate shell compared to the Obex SPIN ski helmet increases durability, making it ideal for backcountry adventures.


• Safety certifications: CE EN 1077-B, ASTM F2040
• The twICEme® NFC Medical ID gives instance access to vital medical and emergency contact details.
• RECCO Reflector
• Aramid panels
• PC Shell and ABS top shell
• Whole-head adjustment system allows a perfect fit without changing padding.
• Seamless compatibility with POC goggles
• Detachable ear pads

SPIN (Shearing Pad INside):
A silicone gel-like membrane inside the helmet padding forms the basis of POC's patent-pending SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) technology.
The twICEme® NFC Medical ID functionality requirements:
To use The twICEme® NFC Medical ID functionality, it is necessary to download the twICEme NFC Medical ID app, available for Android in the Play Store and for the iPhone in the EU Apple App Store and US Apple App Store. In the app you can complete your medical profile, then use NFC functionality to transfer your data to your helmet. The twICEme® NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme Technology: www.twiceme.com
Upload vital info:
The twICEme® NFC Medical ID write functionality required (most android phones, iPhone 7 or later running iOS 13 or newer).
Read vital info:
NFC enabled smartphone (most android phones, iPhone 7 or later).
500g (M)
Material composition:
Shell: PC + ABS | Liner: EPS
Care instructions:
POC helmets are made of advanced materials that provide maximum protection. Do not expose your helmet to impact or external force during transport. Store it in a dry place, away from any source of heat like a hot radiator or sunshine through a car window. Clean the helmet with a damp cloth and perhaps a little mild liquid soap. Do no use strong detergent or solvents. Decals, glue etc. may reduce durability. Helmets are perishables that should be replaced after three years of use. If you know or suspect that your helmet has been damaged or exposed to any abnormal force, you should have it carefully checked by an authorized POC dealer. You can also send or bring it in to POC for inspection. Damage that may reduce your helmet protective qualities can be invisible and difficult to detect. Replace the helmet if there is any sign or suspicion of damage.

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