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Inferno Quickdraw - 5 pack
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Metolius - Inferno Quickdraw - 5 pack

Metolius' Inferno Quickdraws are lightweight, high-strength, full-size quickdraws for all your climbing projects. This draw includes two Inferno carabiners joined by a 13 mm (0.51") tight-one-end Monster Sling (36% Dyneema®/64% nylon). Its rubber jig keeps carabiners locked down on your quickdraws, making clipping a breeze.
Pack includes 5 quickdraws. Available in 5 inch or 7 inch versions.

Technical specifications & features

Weight 5" 2.7 oz. (79 gm), 7" 2.8 oz. (82 gm)
Made in Taiwan
Closeout Season Spring 2018
Carabiner Shape D-Shaped
Gate Type Wire Gate
Closed Gate 22 kN
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