Laser Speed Light Ice Screw

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Ultra-lightweight ice screw with integrated crank

The Petzl Laser Speed Light is an ultralight ice screw that reduces every possible gram of weight for mountaineering. The aluminum tube, with steel teeth, makes the screw lighter. The integrated folding crank gives an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in.


Brand Name:
13 cm: 91 g / 3.21 oz
17 cm: 100 g / 3.53 oz
21 cm: 110 g / 3.88 oz
Other Features:
Minimal weight:
- ultra-lightweight aluminum tube, ideal for mountaineering, when reduced equipment weight is a priority
Improves bite:
- optimal shape of the tri-toothed drill improves the bite into ice
- easier sharpening with the drill's patented sharpening reserve
Quick and easy screwing:
- compact hanger to facilitate screwing into sculpted ice
- integrated flexible crank provides excellent grip and an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in
- color-coding facilitates identifying the length of a screw
-- Steel, aluminum
-- CE EN 568, UIAA 151

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