Kinetic Rewind Pro (Fall 2022)



Advanced design featuring Horai squeeze carabiners

The Kinetic Rewind Pro via ferrata lanyard is an advanced design featuring CAMP's light and compact stitched shock absorber, super-safe Horai carabiners, and 22 mm Rewind lanyards that contract to a shortened length to stay out of the way while climbing, but extend effortlessly to full length for passing anchors or straying from fixed lines. Connects to any harness with the Rewind Webbing Twist Ring that positions the unit in its upright position even when passed through vertical tie-in points.


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Other Features:
• Stitched shock absorber is lightweight and compact
• 22 mm Rewind webbing lanyards stay compressed and out of the way while climbing
• Equipped with Horai squeeze-activated carabiners
• Rewind Webbing Twist Ring connects quickly to any harness and keeps the lanyards situated in their proper orientation
• Certified in accordance with safety requirements fixed by the new review of the EN 958 standard
-- Length (cm): 85-120
-- Lanyard Material: Rewind Polyester 22 mm
-- Shock Absorber System: Laceration
-- Connectors: Horai
-- Standards: EN 958:2017

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