Hybrid Mix Skin - 135 mm

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The mixed mohair plush on the Contour Hybrid Mix skin ensures maximum durability and good glide performance, and the hybrid adhesive technology means they are super-easy to use.

Hybrid is the first ever twin layer adhesive technology for climbing skins. The upper layer sticks the skin firmly to the ski even at low temperatures. It is easy to remove and does not leave any residue on the ski base. The lower layer binds the upper layer of adhesive to the skin backing. The result is a unique combination of the best qualities of hot melt skins and "glueless" skins.

All hybrid trimmable skins feature Contour's easytrim fit system for simple, easy customization using the hybrid cutter that is included with each pair of skins. The tail clip sits flush even on rounded ski tails. For tails that are thicker than 5 mm, we recommend using the Tail Clip Wide (sold separately).


Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
Sizing (based on ski length):
- X-Small: 145 -152 cm
- Small: 153-160 cm
- Medium: 161-168 cm
- Large: 169-176 cm
- X-Large: 177-184 cm
-- XX-Large: 185-195 cm
• Minimal effort required to separate adhesive sides from each other
• Effortless removal from the ski
• No more re-gluing needed; simply wash the adhesive layer to restore tackiness
• Excellent ski base adhesion on multiple ascents
• Excellent tack even at very low temperatures
• It is important to check the adhesive layer regularly and clean it if necessary. Dust, dirt and ski wax residue do affect the adhesive performance and require the hybrid adhesive to be cleaned.
• Trimming set includes offset cutter, cleaning wipes and stuff sack with microfiber cloth to clean and dry ski bases before applying the skins.

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