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Hilleberg - Altai XP

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The yurt-inspired, multipurpose Hilleberg Altai XP is the ideal group shelter for both long and short trips where low weight is of the highest priority. A simple, single wall design, very light weight, and roomy interior make it an excellent adjunct to other tents or as the sole shelter on any trip. Its center-plus-sidewall-support structure provides full standing height in the middle and full sitting height along the side walls, so while it sleeps 6 or more, it can readily seat 12 or more around its perimeter.
For greater comfort, the Altai can be paired with the optional detachable floor (which comes in two pieces, and can be configured to have a center “aisle,” or to cover only half, or to cover the entire area or both). And in warmer weather, the two side panels next to the entrance can be partially rolled up for extra venting.
For guides, wilderness course leaders, and search & rescue teams, the Altai makes both an excellent stand-alone shelter for first aid, dining, briefing or classroom sessions, and/or a large dedicated sleeping area. For paddle and bike tourers, it offers plenty of room to sort or fix gear out of the elements. Ski tourers, too, find the Altai a natural choice, as foot wells and sleeping platforms can be dug into the snow, and snow flaps keep the walls firmly in place. At the same time, the Altai’s simplicity and large space to very low weight ratio make it an excellent choice for Scouts or any group – even a couple – who will find the Altai convenient, comfortable and palatial on any trip in any season!

A note on colors: Fabric dyes have natural variations, so the actual tent color may look slightly different from what is pictured here.

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Technical specifications & features

Weight 5.1 kg / 11 lbs 4 oz
Color Green
Tent Sleeps 6 Person
Area 106.5 sq. ft.
Tent Type Single Wall
Number of Doors 1 Door
Length 133 in.
Width 133 in.
Height 78 in. at peak / 43 in. at sides
Tent Pole Type 1 Center pole (19.5 mm): 186–214 cm / 73.2–84.3 in.
8 Side Poles (13 mm): 135 cm / 53 in.
Number of Tent Poles 9
Stuff Size Approx. 21 in long x 7 in diameter
Material Kerlon 2500
Other Features • Single central support can be achieved with a pole, a ski or by suspension
• Sidewall support can be achieved with poles, trekking or ski poles, or by suspension
• A combination of 1 central and 8 sidewall supports provides quick, easy pitching
• Flaps keep sidewall secure, especially in snowy conditions
• Adjustable roof vent is easily accessible from inside of the tent
• Guy lines are integrated into pole support system, and 15 additional guy line points afford even greater stability
• Simple, yurt-inspired design provides full standing height in the center, full sitting height along the sides, and remarkable stability
• Large entrance has dual zippers for easy entry and exit. The door can be secured with three toggles and loops.
• Altai XP Basic includes the outer tent with guy lines, 16 Y-Pegs, 1 center pole, 8 side poles, stuff sack, and instructions.
• Floor sold separately

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Options & Accessories for the Altai XP
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