GoToob 3-Pack - 3 oz (Fall 2021)



Soft, squeezable, drip-free travel tube; carry-on size

The humangear GoToob just may be the world's best travel tube: they are durable, drip-free, and easy to squeeze; perfect for storing shampoos, lotions, conditioners, and more. Take them to the gym, on your next backpacking trip, or around the world. Package of 3.

- Typical travel bottles are hard plastic canisters that pay no attention to the human experience at hand.
- The award-winning and patented GoToob is made from soft yet rugged silicone, so it's easy to squeeze, and it dispenses the product right away. A special, "no-drip" valve helps the cap stay clean.
- The collar is made of two rings that unsnap from one another. The outer ring has an ID window, and the inner ring lists content indicators. Simply snap the outer ring off and back on to display "Soap," "Lotion," and more. A blank setting lets you write in your own content indicator.
- A large opening means it's easy to fill and clean your GoToob. The large 3 fl. oz. size gives you maximum volume for longer times between refills.
- All GoToobs are approved for airline carry-on, they're food-safe (FDA), and they're 100% BPA-free and PC-free. They are also covered by humangear's lifetime warranty.


3.0 fl. oz. (88ml)
2.06 oz. (58.6g) each
1.7" x 4.5" (43 x 115mm)
Other Features:
• GoToobs are recommended for shampoos, conditioners, lotions, liquid soaps, condiments (ketchup, salad dressing, etc.), body-wash, toothpaste, secret sauce, magic potions, and many other low and medium viscosity fluids
- Alcohols (including mouthwash), salicylic acid, silicone-based lubricants, DEET-based insect repellent, hydrogen peroxide, sterile products such as contact solution, and caustic, corrosive, or flammable products.
- These products may discolor your GoToob or cause it to leak.

• Maximum # of GoToobs that can fit in a 1-QT plastic bag:
- Large - 6
- Small+Medium+Large - 3/3/2

• We recommend testing the following fluids in a GoToob overnight before your next trip, as the viscosity may be too low for a GoToob:
- Personal lubricants (non-silicone based), Almond butter, Liquid sweeteners (especially Stevia), Essential oils, Sunscreen and tanning lotions, Skin conditioning oil formulations, Castille soap.

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