Ghost Tech Ice Axe 45 cm


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The Ghost Tech is a technical mountaineering axe ideal for steep snow and low-angle ice.

Its laser-cut steel blade is specifically designed for very hard and cold snow and ice. The rear part of the axe features a minimal hammer and small wings that can be used as an emergency adze, offering better ergonomics while still allowing for convenient cleaning of holds or hammering pitons back in.

The Ghost Tech also features an innovative and super minimal hand-rest system that can be quickly adjusted without any tools, providing the performance and speed necessary for technical sections. The new shaft has a more pronounced curve, making it well-balanced and compact, and an excellent partner when faced with challenging conditions.

The Ghost Tech is only available in 45 cm length.



Brand Name:
Yellow / Black
310 grams / 10.9 oz
Other Features:
Slightly curved shaft
Steel head
Aluminum shaft