Fly Harness (Fall 2022)



Ultralight, modular technical mountaineering/ski harness

Designed for mountaineers and ski mountaineers, the FLY is Petzl’s most lightweight harness, and can be donned with both feet on the ground. Ultra-lightweight and compact, thanks to innovative construction without a buckle and with comfort options, it weighs only 130 g (size M). The comfort foam is removable, minimizing weight to only 100 g. The multiple gear loops and the ice screw retainers can transport all the equipment required on technical outings.


Brand Name:
Small: 90 g w/o foam / 120 g w/ foam
Medium: 100 g w/o foam / 130 g w/ foam
Large: 110 g w/o foam / 140 g w/ foam
Other Features:
Extremely lightweight, for mountaineers and the most demanding skiers:
- designed for technical mountaineering and ski mountaineering
- can be donned with both feet on the ground, while wearing skis or crampons
- only 100 g (size M) with comfort foam removed, and 130 g with foam. The extremely light weight and the body-hugging fit offer complete freedom to move without worrying about the harness
- innovative buckle-free construction (Petzl patent). A sliding toggle lock replaces the metal buckle for quick and easy waistbelt adjustment. The leg loops are adjusted with a girth hitch
- slim design
- minimalist pouch allows the harness to be compressed to reduce bulk in the pack
Comfort options:
- FUSEFRAME technology with removable foam, for adapting the comfort level of the harness to the activity. The comfort foam on the leg loops and waistbelt can be easily removed, making the harness even lighter
- comfort foam optimally distributes the load, making suspensions more comfortable
Technical and durable:
- two gear loops and four additional loops for organization and transport of the equipment required for technical outings
- retainer with silicone interior on each leg loop, for carrying an ice screw
- attachment points, webbing and gear loops reinforced with high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE), for greater resistance to abrasion and rubbing
-- Material(s): high-modulus polyethylene, polyester, nylon
-- Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA
-- Harness comes in a protective carry bag
-- Also comes with minimalist pouch for stowing the harness when used without foam
-- Waist 26-30 in (66-76 cm)
-- Legs 19.7-22 in (50-56 cm)
-- Waist 30-33.8 in (76-86 cm)
-- Legs 20.5-22.8 in (52-58 cm)
-- Waist 33.8-37.8 in (86-96 cm)
-- Legs 21-23.6 in (54-60 cm)

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