EO-6 Kite



Amazing pop-up box kite is durable and easy to fly

Phil McConnachie came up with this amazing pop-up box kite in his workshop down under. There’s nothing to assemble, just open the sleeve and it springs open ready to fly. The intersecting wings give it great stability, but a tug and some slack will send it swooping and tricking. Take in some line and it’ll float back up – you’ll never get bored.

The EO-6 comes with 200′ of flying line. Quick-start instructions are printed permanently on the inside of the sleeve. Amazingly durable and easy to fly for all ages.


Brand Name:
0.4375 lbs (packaged weight)
Other Features:
• Packed Size: 35 x 13.5 x 1 in
• Kite Size: 13.5" x 30" x 18.5" (34 x 73 x 47 cm)
• Wind Range: 5 - 25 mph (8 - 40 kmh)
• Flying Lines: 200' x 20 lbs Polyester (61 m x 9 kg)
What tricks can the EO-6 do?
The EO-6 can entertain you for hours with a playful range of tumbling tricks. Experiment with tugging and slacking the line to make the kite flip, tumble, glide and recover back up into the sky. Roll it up like a yo-yo and the crowd will go wild. Unroll by tossing the kite like a glider and they'll call you a hero.
How do you put it together?
The EO-6 assembles itself. Just remove the clasp and it will spring open into flying position with nothing to put together and no parts to lose. Hook on your line and you're ready to fly.
Can I make a train with multiple kites?
You can fly 2, 3 or many EO-6s on one string by making branch lines off a main line just like a tree with a kite at the end of each branch. Simply tie a 15-20 foot leader to each kite, then tie them on the main line every 15-20 feet as you gradually let it out.
How do you launch the EO-6?
Just hold it up with the attachment point pointed into the wind and let out the line. Or have a friend take it downwind a ways to make launching easier in light winds.

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