Elektra FE Cook System (Fall 2022)


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Fuel-efficient, fast-boiling cookset

When your stomach is grumbling at the end of a fun day outdoors, you want food quickly, simply and conveniently – without the need to pack along a monster cookset. The Elektra FE Cook System is a fuel-efficient, high-performance wonder – you get a 28% faster boil time at a 20% fuel savings. (Small print: faster compared to a normal pot with no lid or windscreen.). This lightweight system that fits snugly in your pack includes the Crux Lite stove, a heat exchange pot with lid and a new non-stick coating, clip-on windscreen and a handheld Piezo igniter.

Fuel not included.


Average burn time: Up to 90 min at maximum output (with 230 g of fuel)
Output: 3000W
Fuel not included

Kit includes:
-- Crux Lite stove (72 g) with handheld piezo ignitor
-- 0.9 L Terra Weekend HE Heat Exchange pot with nonstick coating
-- Pouring lid and measuring marks (ml and oz)
-- Fry pan that doubles as a lid
-- Light weight clip-on windshield that increases stove efficiency and reduces gas consumption
-- Stuff bag
-- BOB outdoor sponge
-- User manual

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