Dirty Chai Latte - 5-Pack


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A sweet, spicy, and aromatic blend of chai tea, soy milk, and coffee

Inspired by their world travels, Alpine Start wanted to provide a sweet, spicy and aromatic option to their coffee lineup. They blended Traditional Chai Spices, Black Tea and Soy Milk with their 100% high altitude Colombian Arabica coffee to create a complete sensory experience. Grab a packet of Alpine Start Dirty Chai Latte and start your escape from the everyday, one sip at a time. No fancy baristas. No waiting. No nonsense. Just what you need for an instant escape, spicing things up, or curling up on the couch.
Includes 5 single-serving packets.


Brand Name:
Alpine Start
Other Features:
• 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee Blended with Traditional Chai Spices, Black Tea and Soy Milk
• NON-GMO / Dairy Free
• Enjoy Hot OR Cold
• 5 Individual Units Per Box
• Each packet contains 120mg of caffeine
Beta Alert! Pour the coffee into your mug first, if you have steaming water in your mug already it will make the coffee stick to the package when pouring.

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