Dermatone Tin - SPF 23



Versatile skin protection for lips, face, and body

Used by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for decades, this product is a staple in every outdoor bag. Perhaps Dermatone's most versatile product, the Tin provides you with long-lasting lip, face and skin protection. Dermatone tins have seen the harshest of climates, from Death Valley to Mt. Everest, and can make the difference between a good day and a bad one. Trust the balm that protects against the sun, wind, chapping, cold and frostbite. SPF23 Broad Spectrum Sun protection created with a water-free formula. This balm creates a barrier between the chapping cold and your skin, therefore protecting you from the elements. Perfect for your lips, nose, cheeks and face.


Other Features:
• Moisturizing & Medicated
• Broad Spectrum SPF23
• Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
• Made in the USA

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