DeepSleep Pillow

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Foam support Pillow

Here are lyrics to a song about the DeepSleep Pillow:

Sweet dreams are made of this (DeepSleep Pillow)
Who am I to disagree? (Nobody important)
I travel the world, And the seven seas, (Always with my pillow)
Everybody's looking for something. (It's right here)
Some of them want to use you (DeepSleep Pillow would never play you like that)
Some of them want to get used by you (The pillow wants to be slept on)
Some of them want to abuse you (Someone say pillow fight?)
Some of them want to be abused. (DeepSleep Pillow says yes to a pillow fight)

The combination of 3-dimensional construction, ergonomic shape, a cozy brushed tricot cover and up-cycled comfort foam make the DeepSleep Pillow a plush sleep enhancer. This is an alternative to air-support pillows for those who prefer a more malleable headrest. Exped's pillow collection is extensive, with a head-support solution for everyone and DeepSleep represents the plusher and more pliant end of the spectrum.


Brand Name:
Medium: 6.3 oz
Large: 9.2 oz
Medium: 15" x 11" x 5"
Large: 19" x 11.4" x 6"
Other Features:
• Soft, "up-cycled" comfort-foam core
• Cozy brushed tricot shell
• Ergonomic 3-D design

50 D brushed tricot nylon, Oeko-Tex 100 certified

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