Comfort Plus Self-Inflating Mat

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3 inches of comfort that's light and easy to use

Camping luxury has a new look and feel with the Comfort Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat. This is a lush, 3-inch thick, light and easy to use option for anyone after maximum comfort. The Delta Core™ technology removes weight and bulk without compromising comfort. A lightweight but luxurious 30D stretch knit fabric is used on the top surface and each mat is embossed with a non-slip grip print to keep your sleeping bag on the sleeping mat. Sea to Summit has literally put a twist on their multi-function valve to ensure super fast deflation without fighting re-inflation as you roll it up. The proprietary PillowLock™ system prevents your Aeros™ Pillow from slipping (pillow sold separately).

As of January 1 2020, all sleeping mat manufacturers will test mats for R-Value in independent labs using the ASTM standard F3340-18. Having one test standard provides clarity and transparency to consumers and allows comparisons across brands. Since the standard was published, Sea to Summit has continued to work with other sleeping mat manufacturers and with accredited labs to ensure that the testing is accurate and representative of actual mat performance.
The new test protocol will see some changes to previously published R-Values. It’s important to note that where values do change, it doesn’t signify a drop or increase in warmth—it simply means they have been tested using a slightly different scale.
The packaging of some mats will still carry the previous R-Value, but the mat itself has not changed.


Brand Name:
Sea to Summit
Pad Thickness:
3.125 in / 8 cm
Pad Width:
Reg: 20 in. (51 cm)
Large: 25 in. (64 cm)
Rectangular Wide Reg: 25 in. (64 cm)
Rectangular Large: 25 in. (64 cm)
Insulation Type:
Insulated Pad:
Reg: 1 lbs 15 oz. (890 g)
Large: 2 lbs 8 oz. (1150 g)
Rectangular Wide Reg: 2 lbs 13 oz / 1265 g
Rectangular Large: 3 lbs 1 oz / 1370 g
Reg: 72 in. (183 cm)
Large: 78 in. (198 cm)
Rectangular Wide Reg: 72 in. (183 cm)
Rectangular Large: 79 in. (201 cm)
Bag Stuff Size:
Reg: 6.5 x 11 in / 17 x 28 cm
Large: 7 x 13.5 in / 18 x 34 cm
Rectangular Wide Reg: 8.6 x 13.5 in / 22 x 34 cm
Rectangular Large: 9 x 13.5 in / 23 x 34 cm
Other Features:
• Utilizes Delta Core™ technology, which decreases bulk and weight while still offering great support and pack-ability.
• Patent-pending multi-function valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly without fighting re-inflation as you go.
• Outer fabric of luxurious 30D knit polyester which is soft and warm to the touch.
• PillowLock™ system to prevent your Aeros™ Pillow slipping (pillow sold separately).
• Stuff sack included
Sea to Summit has literally put a new twist on their very successful multi-function valve so it specifically addresses the inherent characteristic of self-inflating mats - that is, the problem of the foam trying to re-inflate as you're packing up. They've engineered the "one-way" inflation valve to be reversed and used to prevent the mat from drawing air back in. This allows you to roll the mat up as small as possible without fighting re-inflation as you go. This patent-pending valve design has the same slim profile, faster inflation than traditional screw valves, easy pressure fine tuning, and super fast deflation rate as their air mattresses and pillows.
The innovative Delta Core™ system maximizes the comfort and thickness of Sea to Summit's Self Inflating mattresses while minimizing weight and bulk. 40% of the initial volume of the PU foam is removed in horizontal Delta-shaped cores, giving minimal weight and packed size. Importantly, the top and bottom surface of the PU foam remain completely intact. This ensures consistent warmth along the full length of the mattress and significantly improves bonding of the foam to the shell fabric, which reduces the chance of delamination.

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