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The carabiner is the most essential piece of climbing equipment we sell. That is why we offer more than 100 styles of carabiners and quickdraws for climbing. No longer are the days of a basic carabiner. The carabiner has become a piece of art that is specialized for specific climbing needs. For solid gate or wire gate carabiners smooth gate action is now the standard. We offer a variety of shapes from Ovals, D, Modified D or Pear Shaped. We stock carabiners in a variety of sizes from small light weight minis, to save weight on your climbing rack, to large steel carabiners for rescue and rigging operations. Whether you are trad climbing, belaying and rappelling, sport climbing or just looking to rack your gear we have what you need for your next adventure. And of course, we always offer the best deals on carabiners for rock climbing with sales on name brands like Black Diamond, Petzl, DMM, Edelrid, and Wild Country.