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Any good climber knows that having the right climbing gear is critically important. High-quality rock climbing essentials, like ropes, harnesses and carabiners, can improve your climbing experience. Carrying the right climbing tools is a matter of safety. To climb with confidence, you need to trust your outdoor climbing equipment. Carabiners and quickdraws rated for your needs, protection and hardware that must hold, and strong and flexible dynamic ropes to keep you off the deck.
Build your collection of rock climbing supplies slowly as new project call for specific sizes of protection or equipment. Your climbing gear will be your tool kit for adventure. Once you find the perfect climbing gear, it will travel with you to your favorite crags and start you on new projects.
And if you are in to Mountain climbing check out our Ice and snow collections for the best in ice axes and tools, crampons and protection. Your gear will become more than gear—it will be your ticket to the mountains.
At Backcountry Gear, we offer a variety of rock climbing gear from reliable brands like Black Diamond, Mammut, and Petzl, to help you explore the outdoors. Invest in your next adventure with our collection of climbing gear.