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Classic 2

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Solio - Classic 2

Boasting twice the capacity of the previous CLASSIC model, a day of sun gives you three complete charges on your portable electronic devices. The CLASSIC2 now features a full-sized USB port allowing thousands of devices to easily connect, just by using their dedicated charging cable. The CLASSIC’s iconic design has been updated to be slimmer, while larger solar panels allow for faster solar charging. So what are you waiting for? Go green in style with the Solio CLASSIC2!

Simply connect to the Classic using your device’s own USB charging cable. The fully charged Classic 2 will give most smartphones three complete charges. Charge the Classic 2 from the sun, on rainy days with a USB port, or the wall.

Technical specifications & features

Weight 10.1 oz
Color White
Mfg Sku/Part Number S13-AF1RW
Dimensions 5.8in x 2.8in. x 1.4in
Cookware Material N/A
Find By Device N/A
Other Features The CLASSIC2 1Amp USB output charges target devices at the same rate as a typical wall charger. Popular smartphones go from empty to full in just under 90 minutes. Since most devices these days charge by USB, it's more simple than ever to plug Into the sun.

The ingenious design of the Solio CLASSIC2 allows a pencil to be inserted into a central pivot point to make it possible to track the sun like a sundial. Simply point the CLASSIC2 towards the sun and rotate it until the pencil no longer casts a shadow. Adjust the position of the CLASSIC2 each time the pencil casts a shadow for maximum solar capture efficiency. A full day in full-sun completely charges the battery.

Charge Rate: 5-5.5V 450mAh
via Wall: 6 hours 15 min
via USB: 6 hours 15 min
via Solar: 8-10 hours
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