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Multi-functional personal connector with full-strength loops

The Sterling Chain Reactor is a multi-functional daisy chain designed with full-strength loops most frequently used for personal anchor connections and extending rappel devices. Made from nylon webbing, each individual loop is full strength and can withstand and absorb impact forces. In arbor work, the Chain Reactor is ideal as a redirect in SRS work positioning, for choking multiple branches or for knotless rigging. Length: 61.5 in.
Please note, the product pictured is the Standard version. The Long version has 4 additional loops.
The Chain Reactor also comes in a Pro Construction, which has a doubled tether connection as well as a standard version, which features four fewer sling loops.


Brand Name:
Tensile Strength:
MBS Rating, End-to-End (lb):3,147
MBS Rating, Basket (lb): 5,418
MBS Rating, End-to-End (kN): 14.0
MBS Rating, Girth/Choke (lb): 2,810
61.5 in.
Other Features:
• Serves as a full strength extension of the "tie in point" of a harness
-- Extends a rappel device
-- Allows for a clean disconnect when rappelling into deep pools of water
-- Provides fast, safe, and adjustable options when connecting to anchors
-- Facilitates partner rescue, pick offs, and setting anchors.
-- Nylon webbing absorbs energy in the event of a fall at the anchor.
-- Length: 61.5 in.
-- EN 795B

Kayakers: Use as a tow/rescue line

Climbers: Replacement of the daisy chain

Arborists: It is perfect for repositioning, using as a foot stirrup, or for use in anchor systems

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