Canyon Dry 9.0

$105.00 - $192.00


Supple, smooth, and dry-treated canyoneering static rope

The Tendon Canyon Dry 9.0 is a polyamide rope with a teflon finish, which increases its water and abrasion resistance considerably. The rope is flexible and retains its softness even after a long period of use. The Canyon Dry will be appreciated especially by experienced canyoneers who strive for quick and smooth advancement above all and who care about every gram of weight.


Brand Name:
Exact Diameter:
9.0 mm
Rope Type:
Rope Treatment:
Dry Core & Sheath
40 m: 5.20 lbs / 2.36 kg
60 m: 7.80 lbs / 3.54 kg
80 m: 10.4 lbs / 4.72 kg
Grams / Meter:
Other Features:
• Relative mass of sheath (%): 44
• Sheath Slippage (mm): 0.20
• Elongation (50 - 150 kg) (%): 3.6
• Shrinkage (%): 1
• Tenacity (kN): 28
• Min. tenacity with knots (kN): 18
• Used material: PA
• Type: A
• CE 1019: yes
• EN 1891: yes
• UIAA: yes
New, revolutionary conception of the overall administration and registration of ropes which, thanks to NFC technology, offers unthought-of possibilities and brings user comfort to a hitherto unrecognized level. Rope includes microchip. With a PC and a mobile phone you obtain a quick, effective and smart tool for examination and maintenance of your ropes.
Tendon's own special technology has been used for the ends of the rope. In a length of 15 mm, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit.

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