1. Camping and Hiking

    Tent of the week: The North Face "Kings Canyon 3"

    It's been another week and I'd better say something about this tent or I'll fall behind! The storefront folks are already setting up a new tent for this week (spoiler: BD Mesa). I crawled around in the Kings Canyon and took some photos for your perusal. The King's Canyon is a mid-range, roomy, lightweight tent.     I've always had...
  2. Camping and Hiking

    Marmot whips up another orange treat

    Marmot found a few things to spruce up this year, and the Aura 2P tent made it on the list. I've got a special place in my heart for the original version, so let's hope they didn't ruin my favorite tent!     Since I own the original, it makes sense that I point out all the little changes and...
  3. Accessories & Camping and Hiking

    You're all clear, kid....

    Most of us have a SteriPen floating around unused. Mine is anyways. I always think I'll bring it, but I can't ever remember how much charge it has and I don't always carry a Nalgene or other hard sided water bottle to do the treatment in. Now CamelBak has their own take on UV purification: the "All Clear" I'm charged...
  4. Camping and Hiking

    Tent of the week: Hilleberg Rogen

    We have a pretty sweet storefront in Eugene that's always putting a new tent on display. Only makes sense that we share their selections with everyone else. This week: the "Rogen" Looks like a nice spot for a nap... It's falls into Hilleberg's "Yellow Label" category which means it's designed mainly to be lightweight, and meant for use in warmer...
  5. Apparel

    Even looks good on the wall

    Arc'Teryx looks good on anyone. Even improves our wall.
  6. Uncategorized

    Be the next "Google Trekker"

    Google is making it easier to play with their toys! Most of us have seen the StreetView car driving around and thought about the places we would go with it. Now you have your chance--though maybe you should stay off the road with this piece of tech. You can hit their site here for the sign up.  
  7. Fitness

    Ultimate Direction's Ultimate Ultra-runner vest

    Ok, Ultimate Direction really hit one out of the park this year. Their "signature series" of ultra-runner hydration vests have been some of our more popular items and we get a lot of questions about them. Why not detail a few features? Jake says, "It's a pleasurable fit."   The "AK Race Vest" is their most lightweight pack. It's not...
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    Annular Eclipse

    Yesterday, Eugene got to (sort of) see the annular solar eclipse. It was largely obstructed by clouds, but the clouds did offer a good opportunity to capture the eclipse on film. Below are a couple images taken during the maximum eclipse.
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    Hello world!

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