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    Gift Center Extravaganza

    Gift Center Extravaganza
      We all dread it, but it's time again to choose gifts for your hopefully-not-too-picky friends and relatives. I've found that holiday shopping is a lot easier when someone else does the research for you. Our gift center will (fingers crossed) take some of the sting out of the whole process. We started with BCG favorites: products that Backcountry Gear employees use and love...
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    Be the next "Google Trekker"

    Google is making it easier to play with their toys! Most of us have seen the StreetView car driving around and thought about the places we would go with it. Now you have your chance--though maybe you should stay off the road with this piece of tech. You can hit their site here for the sign up.  
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    Annular Eclipse

    Yesterday, Eugene got to (sort of) see the annular solar eclipse. It was largely obstructed by clouds, but the clouds did offer a good opportunity to capture the eclipse on film. Below are a couple images taken during the maximum eclipse.
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    Hello world!

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