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    "A company by climbers, for climbers"

    "A company by climbers, for climbers"
    Butora, a South Korean climbing shoe company, hasn’t been on the scene for all that long, but ever since they hit the USA, they’ve been knocking it out of the park. Any search for the Acro, winner of Rock and Ice’s Best Climbing Gear of 2016, results in numerous rave reviews about the enjoyable functionality of these aggressive shoes. In...
  2. Footwear

    Chaco Tan

    If you don't already own a pair of Chacos you should jump on the bandwagon this summer. We're showing off the Women's ZX1 and ZX2 and wow are there some cool color combos this year! They're more than your typical pair of sandals. The polyester jacquard webbing straps are comfortable on the skin and quick to dry. The straps aren't anchored...
  3. Footwear

    Fresh kicks

    It's just a few days away from summer and warm weather is already here to stay. We'll all be headed to the water soon if we haven't already. For me this usually means choosing the most beat-up breathable shoes in my closet and designating them as river shoes. The downside to this is that since they're totally trashed already, they usually have almost no...

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