Have you ever needed a little extra extra moral support to get past the crux? If your super-stoked friends couldn't make it to the crag and your belayer is more interested in texting than catching your fall, maybe one of the sweet
chalk bags from
8b+ will give you the confidence to carry on. There's a fuzzy face for every personality type and more flair than anything else you've got with you. 


The main consideration when choosing a chalk bag is style. Size and features should be an afterthought. If you stand out you'll climb better. That's why the old school folks (and any modern climber with a lick of sense) wear neon spandex. Following this truism,
8b+ has created a line of flashy, funky, and sometimes frizzy little creatures to wear on your waist. Feed them a steady diet of
climbing chalk
and they'll always stay by your side. Loyalty is earned, so keep them well fed!


They make for a fun camera case too.