If you don't already own a pair of Chacos you should jump on the bandwagon this summer. We're showing off the Women's ZX1 and ZX2 and wow are there some cool color combos this year! They're more than your typical pair of sandals. The polyester jacquard webbing straps are comfortable on the skin and quick to dry. The straps aren't anchored directly to the shoe, instead they run under the footbed and over the sole. This lets you fine tune the fit without resorting to multiple buckles or elastic, and for stability on uneven terrain this fine-tuned fit is really exceptional. It feels much more like a shoe and less like a sandal.




The soles are made from the same non-marking sticky Vibram rubber you're used to on your hiking boots and approach shoes, so wet and slippery rocks are less of an obstacle. The "Loveseat" footbed is an orthotically correct design that's received the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Exactingly calculated arch support protects your foot from pronation and heel cup keeps you centered on the sandal. The footbed contours are similar to a pair of SuperFeet...support is top notch and hiking is a joy. In my opinion they really shine while wading up a creek or hopping from one fishing hole to the next. The ladies luck out though! There is a really nice selection of colors this year and everyone will be asking where you got your awesome sandals!




These two models represent just a fraction of Chaco's offerings, but the "Loveseat" footbed can be found in every one of their sandals. Also the strap adjustment system is standard on nearly every model. Those two features are what separates Chaco from the massive number of competing companies. Now, after almost 10 years wearing various models from them, I can say it would be tough switching to another brand. Go get your Chaco Tan!