It's just a few days away from summer and warm weather is already here to stay. We'll all be headed to the water soon if we haven't already. For me this usually means choosing the most beat-up breathable shoes in my closet and designating them as river shoes. The downside to this is that since they're totally trashed already, they usually have almost no rubber left for traction. NRS has a stylish solution.


The NRS "Crush" Water Shoe has the classic skater look but shows it's true colors on the water. The 1000 denier nylon canvas construction is super tough and shrugs off sharp rocks and sticks, plus it just looks cool. They've definitely gone for a small dose of style on this of my favorite touches is found on the sole: a gripping tribute to NRS' home state of Idaho.


The packaging is pretty neat too. The box is held together with a four foot NRS 1" Tie Down Strap. Finally some packaging that can be used more than once! It's not really a reason to buy the shoes, but if you were on the fence it might win you over. Besides the shoes and strap, there's also an extra pair of (grey) shoelaces in the box for those wanting a little less blue "pop".


The liner covers the whole interior with smooth nylon that is comfortable for all-day barefoot wear. The Crush's namesake is from the crushable heel that lets you wear the shoes as slip-ons. Honestly this is one of my favorite features. I love shoes that do this and it's especially useful when you're camping out. When nature calls in the middle of the night, you will want a pair of slip ons!


The removable insoles are a bit thin. People with foot issues might want to replace it with something a little more supportive...on the other hand it's also nice to have minimalist insole for quick drying. There are two drain ports on the outside edge of each shoe. I've read some worried comments about how well they'll drain with so few places for water to escape, however most of the first hand accounts I've heard say it' a non-issue. If you're looking for a do-it-all casual summer shoe, check these out. They make 'em for ladies too!