Archives: October 2013

  1. Accessories

    Ahem! Introducing the "Baladeo Damascus Laguiole Pocket Knife with Juniper Handle and Corkscrew"!

    What a mouthful! A grand name for our nicest knife. You've probably heard of Damascus steel -- famous throughout history for it's high quality and tough fine edge, and also for the hard-to-reproduce process that yielded a material unmatched until modern times. Although we'll never know exactly what steps ancient craftsmen took to refine the process, the modern equivalent is...
  2. Accessories

    Snow Peak: We all want it.

    If there's one brand we carry that exudes quality and elegant simplicity, it's Snow Peak. Most of us can only afford their double wall mugs. The lucky ones have a folding table. I'm fortunate enough to at least be able to try this stuff out and drool over it (I wiped it up, don't worry).   Pack & Carry Fireplace...

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